Summer portrait in New Buffalo Michigan

Summer fashion portrait 
in New Buffalo, Michigan

When Veronica approached me about photographing her handcrafted jewelry I had no idea how cool her creations really are. Veronica's jewelry is modern, light, colorful and eco-friendly. What looks like a colorful stone is actually a thin cut piece made from tagua nut. You have to check out Veronica's website to see all her creations.  Handcrafted jewelry by Veronica Riley Martens

Veronica brought not only her unique jewelry, she also brought these two pretty girls to model the jewelry. They did a great job and the result is a very nice summer portrait.

With a summer fashion and some fun jewelry we created a beautiful summer portrait without going to the beach. Most people who contact me for a summer portrait ask for the beach photos. As pretty as the beach is, it is also difficult because of the very strong sun that is reflected from the water and the sand. Rather than focusing on the beach focus can be on the summer fashion and accessories.

Let's have a fun summer filled with pretty summer dresses!