Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring in Tuscany

I was on a short research and networking trip to Tuscany recently. Rather than visiting 
the well known destinations, I decided to explore the less discovered part of Southern Tuscanythe mountainous region of Maremma, Monte AmiataMonte Amiata is sacred to Buddhists and the area draws people in search of a spiritual growth, self discovery and an inspiration. It is a place of great natural beauty and a positive energy.

I personally was very much inspired by this area and discovered a lot during my short stay. I visited an amazing old castle which is available for hire as a wedding venue. The castle photo shoot will be posted soon.
I also visited few vacation villas, an agritourismo and did a photo shoot with an astrologer. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bridal portrait

For me, every bride is beautiful and I, as a photographer, want to capture her beauty and her wedding day glow.

It is hard to believe that very often there is no time in the wedding day schedule dedicated to a bridal portrait. I know, many of you think that it is all about the bride. From my experience, today's bride is more concerned about everybody else than herself. 

I tell my brides; be a little selfish it is your wedding day, it is your big day and your family and friends are here to celebrate with you. They are happy for you, they want to see you as a beautiful and happy bride. 
Please, slow down, relax and take the time for yourself. We want to see your radiant you, your beauty and your happiness.

So much planning and time goes into choosing the perfect wedding dress, choosing the hair, the make up, the whole look. It is once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a stunning white dress, to look like a princess if you want to.
The wedding day arrives and it moves just too fast. If we do not take the time to capture all the beauty, we miss out. We might have a tons of fun photos of jumping wedding party, or fake mustaches, or funny faces, but we  miss out on the beauty.

Do not take me wrong, I like fun photos, I like to capture the moment and the emotions, but I like the beauty and art as well and I appreciate a beautiful portrait.
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