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Monday, November 17, 2014

Wedding at Lakeside Inn, Lakeside Michigan

Lakeside Inn was the backdrop for the vintage wedding with an Old Hollywood glam styled bride and an unexpected snow.
That's Michigan for you, full of surprises. It is where glamour and nature come together and party is always grand. Just like this wedding of Julie and Adrian was. I am happy I was invited :)

Monday, October 6, 2014

Chicago wedding Galleria Marchetti

 Galleria Marchetti Chicago wedding venue
Wedding venues come in many shapes and forms and Chicago has an abundance to choose from. Galleria Marchetti is a wonderful venue, it has both the indoor and outdoor space, a pretty garden with a beautiful arbor for an outdoor ceremony and enough space for a white tent for the summer wedding under the stars. Following photos are from a beautiful summer wedding at Galleria Marchetti.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Photo of the day :: Getting ready

The bride is getting ready for her wedding at Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park Hotel.

I like this photo because it captures a serene and intimate moment the bride shares with her sister and mom before the wedding. 
Her soft facial features and  the delicate texture of the wedding dress stand out against the typical modern Chicago architecture seen from the window of the hotel room.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Why is George Clooney getting married in Venice

Why is George Clooney getting married in Venice? Because Venice is one of the most romantic wedding destinations. If it would be me, that's where I would be heading. Floating in the gondola down the Grand Canal, drinking Prosecco and watching the sun set over Adriatic maybe sounds like a cliche, but I would do cliche in Venice any day.
Usually I do not follow the life of celebrities, but his wedding is different, it touches me. Why? Because George Clooney has the style and the charisma and he is getting married in VENICE.
What I have in common with Clooney is the love for Italy and Venice especially. I am a little sad I was not invited as a wedding photographer, but I am also relieved. Relieved, because I have nothing to wear. I am also kinda happy that I am not in Venice this weekend, because I might turn into a pathetic paparazzi and I have no respect for those. So, what  can I do with this sudden nostalgia for Venice? I can open a bottle of Italian wine and relive my own memories of romantic Venice. Join me, would you?

Read more about Venice here.

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