Silver Beach St Joseph MI wedding - bride and groom romantic beach photos

"Day After" photo shoot with newlywed Heather and Jack after their beach wedding and reception at Shadowland on Silver Beach in Saint Joseph Michigan.

I love "Day After" or "Trash the Dress" photo shoot with my couples, because it allows the new couple to have fun, alone, away from family and guests. It is a time more intimate, time for sharing some romantic moments and also to have fun in the wedding gown without the worries of damaging the dress. The feeling after the wedding is very different from before the wedding, it is a time of joy and love, it is a beginning of a new life together. Why not mark this day with a romantic photo shoot just like Heather and Jack did?
The wedding of Heather and Jack was a beach wedding, they both love the beach, therefore the Silver Beach was a location of choice for our photo shoot. We were very lucky with the weather, the storm that arrived at the shore just as we were about to get out of the car, even though very strong, was also very short. It left the sky dark and dramatic, which made the beach photos look really good. Heather and Jack had fun at the beach and the photos turned out beautiful.

Shadowland on Silver Beach where Heather and Jack hosted their wedding reception is located across from Compass Fountain, which looks really good after dark and that is why we decided to end our photo shoot there. We were not really sure how it was going to work out, since I did not photograph Compass Fountain with a bride and groom there before. I was happy Heather and Jack were both good sports and did not mind to get a little wet. My only concern was not to get my camera wet and it was a little tricky, but it was all worth it.