Lake Michigan engagement photos, Warren Dunes MI

Engagement photos in Warren Dunes State Park with Michelle and Dane.

Why Warren Dunes you ask? Michelle grew up near by and spend her summers on the beach or climbing the sandy dunes and those are her best memories. Both Michelle and Dane grew up in area, they love the beach and Lake Michigan.  Since they moved to Arizona for college, they miss the lake and beach very much. That's why to have their engagement on the beach was very important. Until they move back to Michigan, these photos will remind them of what they love the most.
Michelle came dressed in cute dark pink dress paired with jeans capris and she looked adorable. Pink looks great against the green of the dune grass. The wedding colors are pink and green, paired with the beach theme. These photos will look fabulous in lime green guest book, a gift from Dane's mom. The wedding guest, while signing the book will have a chance to admire the cute couple's beach engagement photos.

Sunset is the best time to be on the beach in Southwest Michigan. Since the sun sets over Lake Michigan, it always makes for an amazing view. The beauty of the sky, water, sand and not too many people, evening is my favorite time to be on the beach. Evening is the best time for romantic photos on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan.