Surprise proposal on the beach, New Buffalo MI

Surprise proposal during scenic sunset on the beach in New Buffalo Michigan.

When Eric first contacted me about capturing his surprise proposal, I was all excited about the project and happy for the couple. I had to admire the effort Eric put into planning and wanted very much for his plan to work out as he envisioned.

I was also little nervous, because we were to shoot on the beach during the sunset and when shooting outdoors, we never know for sure what the weather has in store for us. 
Sure enough, the day turned out to be cloudy, very windy with rain showers before the sunset. I was not very happy, but I thought to is not about the weather after all, it is about the love.

Because this was a surprise proposal, even the weather decided to play the part and surprise us with the most spectacular sunset one can wish for. It was windy and Gina had to hold onto her hat, but it was all pretty and what is the most important...she said YES.

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