Chicago Hotel Palomar Wedding

Hotel Palomar Chicago Wedding

Kristen and Ryan had their wedding reception at Hotel Palomar Chicago and the ceremony was held at Assumption Catholic Church .

The couple choose to see each other before the ceremony. For the first look photos we decided on the rooftop terrace of Palomar. I could not be more pleased. I always appreciate when the couple is willing do the first look. It is is a very special moment, intimate and memorable. When you add a location with a spectacular view like the rooftop terrace of Palomar, what's not to be happy about?
For the group photos we took a trolley ride to Grand Park and enjoyed the stroll by Buckingham Fountain and at Tiffany Gardens. The trolley ride was fun, with lots of toasting going on.

The ballroom of the Palomar with it's floor to the ceiling windows, fabulous crystal chandeliers and the mirrors was beautiful and elegant. 
You had to admire the wedding favors, hand made by Kristen and Ryan. Kristen made one of the kind art magnets, unique, creative and fun. Ryan made his own Limoncello, a popular Italian lemon liqueur. It was a homage to his Italian roots. I think Ryan and Kristen were competing who will come up with the better idea for a handmade wedding favor. They both win!

Let's not forget the food! The dinner was excellent! It was a buffet dinner and the guest could choose from three stations: seafood, meat and pasta. Everything was great, but the highlight was pasta, because among the other things they served pierogi. Now how can you go wrong in Chicago with a good pierogi?  It was a great wedding, I am glad I was invited :)

Kristen and Ryan, 
Grazie for having me as your wedding photographer