Wedding Photojournalism

Wedding photojournalism was and still is my favorite way of capturing the wedding day.
It is something that came to me naturally, it was not a style, or a trend I red about in the magazines.

When I first started with the wedding photography, I knew from the day one that I want to capture
the story and the emotions of the wedding day. I wanted to capture hugs and kisses, laughter and tears, kids being kids and the bride, for one day in her life a princess. Just like the bride in the photo below. 

This photo is from my first wedding at The Blue Dress Barn and it is still one of my favorites.  Somebody might not see anything special in this photo, somebody might see only a blurry photo. 

I see more. I see the bride and the groom dancing their first dance, lost in their own world. I see 
the stillness and also the movement. There is a movement seen as a blur in the bride's dress, but even
though there is a movement, the image looks like it is frozen in time. I think, that's how the couple felt in this particular moment. Nothing existed around them, only their love for each other. 
There is a little girl in the right hand corner, sitting there all by herself, watching the bride and groom. She is mesmerized and lost in her own world. This is like a fairytale for her, the bride is the princess and the groom is her prince charming. This little girl dreams of becoming a princess just like this bride. What a beautiful and tender moment that would go otherwise unnoticed.

These little moments are like a gems, they all tell a story.

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