Rural charm of Southwest Michigan

It was a beautiful sunny spring day today in SW Michigan, with a blue skies, trees budding and flowers blooming, a perfect day for a walk outside, or a drive around the rural countryside of Harbor Country. 
Finally I was prepared and had my camera with me. I stopped carrying camera with me all the time a while ago on purpose. I wanted to just observe, to enjoy the nature, to give my eyes a rest. It is good to take a break from the camera, but it is also good to have a camera with you when you see something pretty. With spring season everything is pretty, scenery is changing every day, new flowers showing up and old flowers slowly dying off. Change is happening every day, if you are not paying attention, you might miss something.

My new personal project is to capture the rural charm of SW Michigan. It is a broad subject and that is just fine, because my interest are broad as well. From the beauty of the nature, fields and barns, farms and farmers markets, charming little towns, rustic treasure, to vintage finds.

This was just my first spring outing and so much beauty I saw already.  This is small town living at it's best, the country and nature is just few steps away. Maybe I should not advertise this too much, I do not want everybody to move to New Buffalo, right?

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