Bridal Portrait

Wedding memories and wedding photos should always include a bridal portrait.
But unfortunately the  schedule of the wedding day does not always allow enough time to fit in a bridal portrait. But all is not lost, one can plan in advance and schedule a bridal portrait  in advance.

The bridal portrait photo shoot also serves as a "rehearsal" for the big day. To perfect the hair and the make up, to check if the wedding gown fits just right and to get yourself comfortable wearing it.
Many times, there are little glitches with the wedding gown, the shoes, or the hair and that adds an unnecessary stres to the wedding day. To avoid it, everything should be tested well in advance.
Bridal photo shoot is the most fun rehearsal of them all.

Bridal portrait photo shoot is a chance for the future bride 
to be a model for a day, 
a beautiful model, wearing the most beautiful of all dresses, 
her wedding gown.

     Bridal portrait captured in black and white is romantic, elegant and timeless.

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