Engagement photos with Chicago skyline

Chicago engagement photos.
Spring is a lovely time for an engagement photos in downtown Chicago, if you are lucky to catch a nice day between the rain and possible snow that is. Stacy and Ryan were ready to take advantage of one sunny day in the middle of the week. They met with me after work in downtown Chicago. Ryan was our chauffeur, driving us around from one location to another.  That was very nice and made the photo shoot go nice and smooth.
There is never a lack of photo opportunities in Chicago and both Stacy and Ryan had some good ideas.
Since it is a spring time, we got a  pretty spring flowers in our photos as well. And that is perfect, because flowers add a nice touch to a date.  And the engagement  photo shoot is just like a date, plus the photographer to document it all.

Even on sunny days in spring, the air coming from Lake Michigan is fresh, as it was the other day. But would you know it looking at these photos? Stacy was brave enough to wear her pretty sundress with boots for a fun touch. Ryan was there to keep her warm and happy. They are so cute together, aren't they? Stacy and Ryan and not only cute, but also happy and nice people and very easy to work with. 
I am looking forward to their wedding this summer.