Lake Michigan Trash the Dress

Trash the dress on the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan, in quiet little town like my New Buffalo is, trash your wedding dress, trash the prom dress or trash one of your many bridesmaid's dresses.
What is Trash the Dress photo shoot about? It is a fun fashion shoot, you can have a concept behind it, create a little story, or just simply have fun wearing your favorite dress, or not so favorite dress.
You don't have to really trash it, but you can make it wet, that is always fun. Water is a nice choice for photos in a pretty dress and we have an abundance of it here in Michigan.

Now, when the summer season is over, the beaches are pretty much deserted and we can have them all for ourselves. September and October are great months for beach photo shoot, with nice weather and the soft light. There are many other options besides the beach. The country and nature is always good and with fall the colors are getting more interesting.
Have fun with your wedding dress, a bridesmaid's dress or  a prom dress!