Beach engagement in St Joseph Michigan

Everybody likes the charming Saint Joseph and Silver Beach with its sandy beaches sandy beach for the engagement photos. I was lucky to photograph this cute couple on the beach and in downtown as well.
Ashley and Corey are so cute together. They are so happy and they both have always wear a smile. For their engagement photos we started in downtown Saint Joseph and next the beach for some pier and lighthouse images. I also wanted to show off the almost finished Jean Klock park. It was well worth it, both Ashley and Corey thought the beach is fabulous. And not only that, on the beach we found this cool house like structure built from the driftwood , no nails or ropes were used. It took some architectural skills to build it, pretty neat.
I am sure these images will inspire all kind of stories in the future with topics ranging from first house of Ashley and Corey to crew in Cast away.

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