Summer 2020 photo sessions

Many young couples had to put their life on hold during this difficult time. No engagements, no weddings, no frivolous activities like photo sessions. 
Many young people are busy saving lives of others and we all are thankful and appreciate this greatly.

But even this difficult time will eventually end. And when it does, we will appreciate what we took for granted, appreciate what we have, the small things and the ordinary things. We will appreciate our family also strangers who are here for us in the time of need. 

The life will not be completely normal as we know it, but with a little adjustment and discipline on our part, we will be able to enjoy life outside our homes again. And when the summer comes, there is enough outdoor space for all of us to enjoy while practicing safe social distancing. 

My type of work fortunately allows for a safe working conditions for my clients and me as well. I work outdoors, at a park, on the beach, or at a private residence of a client. I can choose the time and location best suited for a desired result. The way I work, there is always a distance between me and my clients at least ten feet or more. I am able to control the distance needed by selecting the different type of lens and make the distance even longer if needed.
So no worries, portrait sessions can be very safely accomplished during this summer season and we can have fun taking photos once again.

My photo offerings for couples during summer 2020

After the wedding

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