Apr 29, 2017

Lifestyle portrait and why do you need one

What is a lifestyle portrait? 
The lifestyle portrait is a polar opposite of a traditional studio portrait. The traditional studio portrait is very much posed, lit by a studio light, capturing the pretty face, the big smile and not much more.
The lifestyle portrait captures the best version of your natural you. The side of you that you wish to communicate to the world.

Why do you need one?
You are a contemporary female, busy, ambitious, an entrepreneur, maybe an artist, or a businesswoman. You know yourself, you know what do you want, you have many sides, you are complex.
In the days of a busy social life everybody needs photos of themselves. The reasons are several: some are updating their existing website or creating a new one, others would like to express their personality on the social media or on a dating site. 
Many resort to using their selfies as the most economical option. Would you use a selfie when stakes are high, when your goal is to communicate with a potential client, trying to impress the world, or finding the best partner possible? 
Leave the  selfies where they belong and do yourself a favor; trust an artist/photographer who understands women when it comes to capturing the best version of you.

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