Why is George Clooney getting married in Venice

Why is George Clooney getting married in Venice? Because Venice is one of the most romantic wedding destinations. If it would be me, that's where I would be heading. Floating in the gondola down the Grand Canal, drinking Prosecco and watching the sun set over Adriatic maybe sounds like a cliche, but I would do cliche in Venice any day.
Usually I do not follow the life of celebrities, but his wedding is different, it touches me. Why? Because George Clooney has the style and the charisma and he is getting married in VENICE.
What I have in common with Clooney is the love for Italy and Venice especially. I am a little sad I was not invited as a wedding photographer, but I am also relieved. Relieved, because I have nothing to wear. I am also kinda happy that I am not in Venice this weekend, because I might turn into a pathetic paparazzi and I have no respect for those. So, what  can I do with this sudden nostalgia for Venice? I can open a bottle of Italian wine and relive my own memories of romantic Venice. Join me, would you?

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