Wedding anniversary photos in Split, Croatia

    On my Croatian adventures I met Sara and Dayan, a young US couple, who fell in love with this beautiful country and call it their new home. 
    Since their wedding anniversary was coming up, Sara and Dayan decided to capture the love they have for Croatia and for each other in photos.I met with them for a coffee in one of the cozy cafe bars of Split and we chatted about their life.


    Tell us little bit about yourself.My husband and I moved to Split in 2012. We own a web development business  plus dabble in food, tourism and resources for expats  planning a move to Croatia. We've lived in New York, Amsterdam, Orange County, Dallas and Orlando and Split is by far our favorite place to live.
    Why Split? My husband and I traveled to Split on our honeymoon and we fell in love with its beauty. The gorgeous Adriatic Sea, the white stone buildings, terra cotta roofs and Diocletian's Palace are all breathtaking. The low cost of living and slow relaxed lifestyle were also big selling points. 
    What do you love about living in Split the most? I love the Adriatic Sea the most. The water is a crystal clear blue. During the summer, the water feels like a bathtub, although people swim in it year round. From our apartment, we can see the sea and the islands of Brac and Solta. It never gets old.
    What is your favorite activity to do in Split as a couple? Every Saturday, we walk along the sea to the city center, grab a pastry then lounge at a coffee shop all morning.

    Your favorite restaurant for a romantic dinner in Split? I have a few favorites! Both Bota Sare and Caffe Dvor have lovely terraces overlooking the sea. Konoba Marjan in Varos is cozy and intimate.

    What is your most romantic experience, or a place in Split? During the winter, Diocletian's Palace is practically empty. My husband and I have it all to ourselves. Wandering around the narrow passageways and getting lost within the city walls is an incredible experience.

    Anything else that you would like to share? For those considering Italy for a wedding or honeymoon, think about Croatia instead. Croatia has the same romantic setting, beautiful views, delicious food, plus the people are warmer and everything is much cheaper.

    Wishing Sara & Dayan all the best on their Croatian adventure.

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