Spring in Paris

Spring is the most romantic time to be in Paris. The flowers are blooming, the sun is shinning and the chairs at the outdoor cafes are inviting. 

I was lucky to be in Paris for a first sunny spring weekend and it was beautiful. 
One of my favorite places were Tuileries gardens. One can have a very pleasant day in the gardens, enjoying the blooming flowers and trees, people watching, reading, or having a picnic.

Everybody knows the Parisiens enjoy their outdoor cafes. Did you know they also love picnics?

On a nice sunny day everybody is outside, enjoying the sunshine and a good company. The Sunday I was there, it seemed like the whole town was outside. Everybody decided to celebrate the first warm day by having a Sunday lunch outdoors. I saw people having a picnic by Seine, on the river bank, on a bench in the park and there were blankets covering every inch of the lawn at Tuileries. Tres bien!

The spring in Paris, happy and colorful as the carousel by the Eiffel tower.

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