Bridal portrait in Europe with a piece of history

A bridal portrait, the history and the architecture of old Europe and a little bit of nostalgia.
When I learned that my old high school Kovacska 28 in Kosice (closed for many years) will reopen its doors once again, I thought I should pay a visit. I love the beautiful old architecture of Europe and my old high school is not only a beautiful building, but it has a rich history as well. 
What a great place for a photo shoot, I thought. 

This staircase would be a fabulous place for a fashion show. When the school reopens, I am afraid they won't allow any frivolous activities like fashion shows, or bridal photo shoots. Lucky me I was in Kosice at the time the building has been remodeled for the future opening of the school and nobody was bothered by a pretty girl in a wedding gown running up and down the stairs.

What did I think about when I looked outside this window as a student? 
I am sure that those days I did not appreciate the grand architecture, but wished to be outside and enjoy the walk on the cobblestone street, or maybe read a book on a bench, next to the fountain.

The view from the hallway out in the courtyard of the school. The building in front of you is the back of the Premonstratensian church ( in Slovak language we call it Premonstrat church), which is connected to the school. My old high school, Gymnazium Kovacska 28, is now run by Premonstratensian Roman Catholic religious order. 

Here you can see the top floor of the building which is the home of the high school on the one end and the church on the other. History of the school dates back to17th century, when it was a part of a Jesuit university. Since 1811 the religious order of Premonstratensians established a religious gymnazium in this building.  Please check out wikipedia to learn more about the educational institution in Europe called Gymnazium.

Looking out of the window, dreaming of faraway places and adventure, or maybe something else?

This staircase is centuries old. How many people before me walk these same steps? 

As a student, I did not appreciate the beauty and the history of this building. These steps were good only to run outside at the end of the school day. Now I return and admire the beauty of the architecture, the intricate iron-work of the railing and I wonder who walk these steps before me.

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