Trash the dress in Southwest Michigan

The beautiful wedding gown, you dreamed about it as a young girl,  imagined looking like a princess on your wedding day, later you thought about it some more and finally one day, you got your own beautiful wedding gown. And as beautiful as your wedding gown was, you wore it only one day.
The wedding gown is to be worn on a wedding day, that's a truth, but it does not have to be the only day to wear it. Let's make new rules, let's wear it one more time

Give your wedding dress one more chance, wear it one more time, enjoy it, have fun with it, live out your fantasy, be a princess, be a queen, be whoever you want to be, in a dress, fit for the princess.

The princess in photos is not your typical sweet little princess,  she is independent, she is fearless, 
she is a Warrior Princes.

Call it Trash the Dress, Rock the Dress, Have Fun with your Dress, Do Not Trash the Dress, it does not matter how you call, just do it and have fun with it.

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