Romantic Destinations, Venice, Italy

If I could spend Valentine's Day anywhere in the world, I would choose Venice.
Venice, my favorite town, one of the most romantic places I know.

Venice attracted  and inspired artists and lovers for centuries. Venice gave us a beautiful art, architecture and music. Venice is a birthplace of Vivaldi, the composer of beautiful and romantic music. Another famous man also called a Venice his home, the most famous lover of all time, Giacomo Casanova.  Many other poets, writes, musicians and painters have lived or spend time in Venice.

Listening to music of Vivaldi while on a gonldola ride, sipping  Prosecco and enjoying the romantic beauty of Venice, that would be an lovely way to celebrate the day dedicated to love.
By the way, also Prosecco is a Venetian invention. This lovely and fun inducing beverage had to be created be the people who love romance.

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