Wedding destinations, Torcello Island, Venice Italy

Many engaged couples wish to get married in Venice, one of the most romantic places,  and many photographers dream of photographing the wedding in Venice.
Venezia, the enchanted city floating on the water, seduces lovers, artists, musicians and writers by its  charm and mystery. I love Italy and one of my favorite towns is Venice. So rich in history and art, a lifetime would not be enough to see all the treasures that Venice holds.
I love to visit this mysterious city again and again. To explore all the beauty Venice has to offer. I love to photograph this beauty, that is ever changing, never the same. And I, as many fellow photographers, dream of photographing a beautiful bride, a couple in love, in this romantic place.

During my recent visit in Venice, I was fortunate to see two beautiful brides. Off course, the curious photographer in me had to stop and watch the action. Normally I am not intrusive, but in Venice, which is full of tourist, one is never intrusive.
The following photos are from the wedding I saw on the Island of Torcello. This island is away from main crowds. Famous Locanda Cipriani is located on this island as well. Here, many celebrities used to find piece of privacy when visiting Venice. I was planning to have at least a drink in a famous Locanda Cipriani, but unfortunately, or fortunately, it was reserved for the wedding. Curious me, peeked through the fence, to get a view of some action. This is as close as I ever get to a paparazzi. Trust me, I was not the only one and we all were respectful of the couple and both couple and photographers did not seem to mind us at all. Very nice and polite people those Italians are. I was thrilled to not only see a real wedding and Italian bridal fashion, but also be able to observe Italian photographer in action. It was a real treat and I would like to extend my thanks to the couple and to the photographers, who allowed us to be an observers and take some special memories back home with us.

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