Bridal portrait and black wedding dress

BLACK WEDDING DRESS, when I saw this amazing dress in Kosice, I had to organize the photo shoot around it. The dress is so beautiful, like it just stepped out from a fairytale. All the books from medieval and Renaissance times I used to read, were reawaken by this dress. The dress is at home in narrow streets and cobblestone roads. The red dress and red rose are just a natural companion to the black one. Drama fit for a queen. 

For those more traditional, there is always a white dress available and for those in between, how about a white dress with red roses, or grayish blue lace one. I want them all, and was lucky to have a wonderful opportunity to capture them with my camera. 
The amazing bridal and evening fashion courtesy of a Wedding boutique ( svadobny salon)  Incanto, located in the historical downtown of Kosice. The photo shoot was all walking distance from the boutique. That's the beauty of European towns, there is so much architectural beauty everywhere, just 
waiting to be admired.

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